20-minute Quick Connect Call
20-minute Quick Connect Call

Welcome to Teen Esteem Academy (TEA) Bootcamp

Where Teens Remove Self-Doubt, Improve Self-Esteem, and Learn to Embrace Their Awesomeness

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TEA Bootcamp Includes:

  • An interactive and fun experience (online will also be interactive!) 
  • Powerful insights to stop self-doubt in its track
  • An opportunity to practice the 5 Choices available to you in every situation
  • The Thought DOT Method©MFAR and the power of Choice...plus more!
  • An empowering journey towards Self-Love, Self-Like, and Self-Confidence
  • Teen Esteem Workbook
  • An actual Thought DOT© (US only)

Who's it for?

  • Middle School GIRLS (and those who identify as GIRLS), Grades 6-8 
  • High School GIRLS (and those who identify as GIRLS), Grades 9-12
  • Middle and High School Boys

The setup:

  • Online: Three (EM)POWER HOURS over 3 weeks (just one hour each week!)
  • In-person: Three-hour (EM)POWER Bootcamp (just one session)
  • Plus, a BONUS Q & A session for parents (Week 4)

Who's running Tween Esteem Academy?

  • Hi, I'm Renee!
  • I'll be your Teen Esteem Academy Coach
  • I'm a mom of three young adults (20, 22, 26)
  • I taught high school for 18 years while raising my own kiddos
  • I'm a certified professional teen coach and parent partner
  • I love helping teens tap into their innate, unique awesomeness!

The Value:

  • Priceless

There's nothing more important than young adults having a positive self-image and feeling good about who they are!

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A powerful and empowering experience for teens!

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