20-minute Quick Connect Call
20-minute Quick Connect Call

Helping Teens Manage Stress, Overwhelm, and Pressures of the Teenage Years

(100% Judgement-Free)

It's EASY for Teenagers to Fall into Traps. 

It's NOT EASY to Deal With.

Get more information, and a few tips on seven of the more typical traps teens tend to fall into.

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Does Your Teenager Ever…

  • Feel left out or invisible?

  • Spend  time worrying about not fitting in or being liked?

  • Feel unheard or misunderstood?

  • Feel overwhelmed, anxious or stressed out?

  • Struggle with friend, peer or dating challenges?

  • Or, with their own identity?
  • Feel bullied…or, maybe they are the bully?

  • Feel pressured in the area of drugs, alcohol or sex?

  • Feel angry or isolated?

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What if instead they ...

  •  felt MOTIVATED
  • and, were just plain HAPPY

It's Hard to Be a Teenager

Typical challenges like grades, friends, dating, not fitting in, worrying about what people think and peer pressure make it hard enough.

Today’s teens have the added pressure and stress of trying to manage the  24/7 barrage of social media and societal expectations. 

It's Also Hard to Be the Parent of a Teenager

As the parent of a teenager, you want the best for your child. Yet, times have changed, and it isn't always easy knowing what to do or where to go for help and support.

That's what I'm here for.


Hi! I'm Renee.

As a mom of 3, retired high school teacher of 18 years, and a Certified Professional Coach (who also has a Master of Education),  I know all too well the challenges of raising teenagers. 

It’s a different world than when we were kids. 

My entire adult career has been spent working with teenagers.

Helping teens to thrive...and not just survive.

I've spent more hours than I can count teaching, mentoring and coaching thousands of teenagers over the years.  In the classroom, I always felt that I wasn't just their math teacher, but also their "life teacher."

I can honestly say that I "get them."

Many teens feel unheard and misunderstood. And, because they often lack strong communication skills, their frustrations can show up as disrespect, anger or apathy.  

This doesn’t make it easy on you, and it’s equally challenging for them.  

If it seems like nothing you've tried has worked, I know how that feels, and it can be tough.  But, you don't have to do it alone.

If you'd like to chat, you can book a quick 20-minute call by clicking  below.  I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.

Are you curious what coaching is all about?  It's not therapy.  

Are their benefits for your child, yourself and your family?  Yes!

Ask me anything!

I don't think there is anything I haven't seen, heard, or personally experienced regarding teenagers.

Helping Teens and their Parents (thrive, not survive) is what I do.

Let me know if I can help.  Remember, this is a 100% judgement-free zone!


P.S.  You can Message me on Facebook, or at renee@reneesinning.com

You can also visit my  Facebook Page at Teen Coaching With Renee

Can Your Teen Relate To These Struggles?

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Stressed and Overwhelmed

Is your teenager stressed every day and overwhelmed by the thought tomorrow will be more of the same? 

Do they feel too many expectations are coming at them from every direction? 

Is the pressure of trying to fit in and please everyone (self, peers, parents and teachers) too much? 

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Teenagers are smart and resilient.  With the right tools in place, they can learn to manage these feelings of stress and overwhelm.

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Low Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Teenagers today often feel left out or invisible.  They are unsure of exactly how to fit in.

They worry about not being liked, or being rejected. 

When their passions or identity don’t fit into the traditional box or label, they often don’t know where to turn.

The idea of not be accepted can be downright terrifying, as they seek to discover exactly who they are. 

Imagine, instead, watching your child navigate these years feeling confident in their own skin.

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Feeling Afraid or Misunderstood

Teenagers often reject trying new things (or, doing the activities they'd really LOVE to be doing) for fear of being bullied, made fun of, or being thought of as not "cool" if they don't follow the in-crowd.

Although quite common among teens, the often don't verbalize their fears.

When teenagers feel afraid, misunderstood, or unsure of how to fit in, anger, resistance and defiance are a common result.

Every teenager wants to feel heard, understood and valued...not afraid.


It's EASY for Teenagers to Fall into Traps. 

It's NOT EASY to Deal With.

Get more information, and a few tips on seven of the more typical traps, click the button below for your free download.

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